Termidor SC Termiticide 20 ounce


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Since its introduction in 2000, professional pest management companies have switched to Termidor® in droves. Safe and effective, Termidor® has been used by the pros to eradicate termite infestations in more than one million homes and businesses. It is finally available for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to completely eliminate termites within just three months.

How Termidor® Works

Termites never see it coming.

Since Termidor® is a non-repellant pesticide, termites don’t stay away after an area has been treated. Instead, they return to treated areas and carry on as usual. The active ingredient used to wipe out termites works in two ways. Foraging termites both ingest the chemical and they pick up traces along the surface of their bodies as they move throughout the treated areas.

Once termites have consumed the pesticide, there is a time-delayed reaction which allows them enough time to return to the termite harborage before they die. That’s when the “Transfer Effect” kicks in.

Once carried into the nest by the affected termites, the active ingredient is passed to the termites remaining in the nest. As termites in the nest become contaminated, they continue to spread the pesticide throughout the area and a truly cascading effect kicks in. Over time, the entire population is wiped out. That’s it. They are gone.

Termidor® Advantages

  1. Only a very low concentration of the active ingredient is needed for Termidor® to be effective. With only a 0.06% concentration, it is safe to use in your home or other structure.
  2. Termidor® has been extensively tested and is 100% effective on all subterranean termites, including Formosans. It is now also rated for elimination of drywood termites.
  3. Termidor® eliminates termites in every single state no matter what local environmental conditions are and in all types of climates. Selecting the right product for your area is now a very simple process.
  4. Complete testing was conducted by impartial experts, including the USDA Forest Service. Test results were obtained over a period of more than nine years of testing on concrete slabs and more than seven years of testing on ground boards.
  5. Users save money when they work with Termidor® because they don’t have to continually reapply the pesticide or risk damage to building structures when the application doesn’t work. Termidor® eliminates the pests within three months.

How to Use

Each package contains one 20 oz. bottle of Termidor®. To use, simply mix it with 25 gallons of water and treat at the rate of 4 gallons per 10 feet of trench.

It may also be used for ant control. In this case, mix 0.8 oz of Termidor® per gallon of water and spray where ants forage for food.

This item CAN NOT be shipped to New York or Massachusetts 


 One (1) 20oz. bottle of Termidor

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