Brown Recluse Hobo Spider Traps


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Why should I buy Big H Traps instead of regular Glue Traps?

1) Big H Traps TM are the only traps made specifically for brown recluse & hobo spiders.
2) Big H Traps TM contain 3 times as much glue covering up to 4 times as much area as other traps.
3) The glue contains an attractant.
4) The traps have a unique design to help lure in nearby spiders

Non-poisonous and natural attractant-baited traps to trap Hobo and Brown Recluse Spiders. Place traps in closets or other secluded areas. They can either lay flat or fold them up to protect pets and children from getting stuck. 5 traps per package.

How do I use these traps?

These traps can be used two ways: flat or folded. When choosing which way to use the traps be aware the Hobo Spider might still be alive and could bite something that comes in contact with it. Determine whether you are going to place the traps in places that are exposed to people or pets. If it is exposed, fold the traps as directed in the package and on the traps. This will reduce the chances of having a small child or pets getting stuck to the traps and then getting bit by the spider.

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Are the traps poisonous or toxic?
No, these traps are just very sticky and naturally baited with a pheromone-like scent to attract Hobo and indoor spiders and other pests. Once stuck to the trap they can not get off and eventually die, usually with in a day or two. Because of this, Hobo and Indoor Spider Traps make a good safe alternative to sprays and chemicals.

Do the traps catch Brown Recluse Spiders?
Yes, these traps will attract and catch Brown Recluse Spiders if you place the traps in appropriate locations, such as under tables, in cupboards, closets, attics, basements, and any place that isn’t visited much. You don’t normally see very many Brown Recluse Spiders because they are “reclusive” and work at night. 


1 (one) package containing 5 Spider glue traps


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