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If you are looking for the best pest control product for those upcoming summer months and cookouts, try Microcare Pyrethrin Aerosol. It kills pests on contact and continues to work long after you  have sprayed the area. Not only is it super efficient in killiong bugs on contact, but it can be used as a way to bar access from pests around windows, doorways, and other entry points.

Microcare Pyrethrin Aerosol is also pet-friendly and won’t hard your pets as long as you follow label directions. Pets should be clear of the area while you are spraying it. But once the product is dry, it is pet-safe. 

Insects are a major nuisance as the spring and summer barbeques and cookouts come along. The last thing you want is to itch and scratch instead of enjoying yourself. Microcare Pyrethrin Aerosol kills on contact so you don’t have to chase those pesky bugs down. The active ingredient is .3% Pyrehtrins and 2.5% Synergized Capsule Suspension. It is 100% botanical/natural and made of organic ingredients, so it won’t hard the environment.


  • may be  used indoors and outdoors, anywhere there is insect activity
  • acts as a 28-day residual against future pests
  • is an organic chemical, meaning it is earth-friendly to the environment
  • extracted from the chrysanthemum flower
  • high effectiveness rate; kills on contact every time

TYPES OF INSECTS IT KILLS (to name a few):

  • mosquitoes
  • wasps, bees, and hornets
  • lice
  • fleas
  • ticks
  • no-see-ums (insects you cannot see)
  • bed bugs
  • and many, many more


  • outdoor cookouts and BBQ’s
  • swimming parties
  • golfing events
  • nature walks
  • picnics 
  • recreational activities
  • church outings
  • storage boxes where bugs breed and hide
  • corners and hidden crevices in your home, trailer, or boat


To get the most out of this product, use both as a direct contact spary to kill bugs on contact, but also as protective and preventive measure to prevent invasion. Practical applications of this include using the product around doors and windows. But you could also  apply it in areas which will be dormant for a long time, such as storage bins, where insects tend to gather when left undisturbed, upstairs and basement areas, where damp and musty conditions encourage insect invasion, tents, warehouses, and anywhere there is a tendency for insects to invade.

Use the safety  precautions on the label to protect pets and children from undue expousre. Once the area is dry, the product is perfectly safe for pets, so no more worries about pets getting sick from the residue.


Microcare Pyrethrin Aerosol is the perfect solution to protect yourself and your family from those pesky invaders of your home, both inside and out. Enjoy the backyard grill again without the worries involving minute creatures that threaten to put a damper on your fun. 

Microcare has recently been discontinued so you will want to stock up on it immediately to have enough for the coming spring and summer months when you have all of those family get-togethers and cookouts.

Enjoy your backyard again by purchasing several cans of Microcare Pyrethrin Aerosol and stop bugs dead in their tracks. Safe for the environment and your home and family, but deadly strong on bugs and their unseen cousins. Get some today! 

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