Maxforce Select Roach Bait Gel


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FC Select is a improved version of the regular FC roach bait gel.

  • It remains moist longer
  • Better attraction to normal and bait-averse German cockroaches
  • Has a longer residual


  • This is a Professional Bait Gel (not like the stuff you get at the grocery store)
  • Provides Fast Control for German roaches in 2 days
  • Kills roaches in two ways by eating and contact
  • Kills large roach populations in 8 days
  • Also kills the large roach such as American (palmetto), Smokey-Brown and Oriental
  • Contains 0.01% Fipronil
  • Domino Effect™Kill

When other baits won’t attract aberrant-feeding roaches, Maxforce FC Select will.  With proprietary formula, the new gel attracts and kills both finicky and normal roaches – even when sanitation is poor and other food sources are available.

Due to Fipronil and its accelerated Domino Effect™ Kill, Maxforce FC Roach Bait Gel starts to kill in just eight hours.  And field tests show 75% population in just 2 days for roaches!

Provides long residual and fast control of even large roaches.

  • Labeled for indoor and outdoor use, including commercial kitchens.
  • Has USDA authorization for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.
  • You can use Maxforce Gel in residential food processing areas without covering food preparation surfaces during treatment.

What Is Accelerated Maxforce Domino Effect™

Maxforce’s new fast control formula still gives you superior long-term control of roaches compared to contact sprays. The new active ingredient, Fipronil, provides a unique mode of action that works through both ingestion and contact, knocking down roaches and ants that eat or simply touch the bait. Either way, one contaminated roach or ant kills many others where they live and breed. The Domino Effect™ still achieves population control, but with faster visible results. Basically when the roach goes back to it’s hiding place it takes the killing action of Maxforce with it to help kill the rest.

EPA # 432-1259

4 (Four) – 30g tubes with 1 plunger and 4 applicator tips


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