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Roundup QuikPRO Weed Killer Herbicide Makes 70 gal

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Features One 6.8 container will make a whopping 70 gallons. Comes with a clearly labeled measuring utensil. Dust-free, granulated formula Comes …

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Roundup QuikPRO Weed Killer Herbicide Makes 70 gal

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  • One 6.8 container will make a whopping 70 gallons.
  • Comes with a clearly labeled measuring utensil.
  • Dust-free, granulated formula
  • Comes with an aluminum seal and child-resistant cap.
  • Professionally designed for easy application, handling and storage.
  • No guesswork or measuring with QuikPRO.
  • Broad spectrum herbicide powered by glyphosate, a plant-killing substance absorbed by both annual and perennial weeds, wild-growing brush and trees.
  • Glyphosate works to kill vegetation by inhibiting enzyme activity involved in synthesizing chemicals essential to a plant's ability to obtain nutrients from sunlight and dirt.
  • The one-two punch of glyphosate and diquat kills roots, leaves--the whole plant.


  • Glyphosate has no residual activity and remains on plant leaves, blades and woody pulp with the help of a surfactent and diquat (a chemical that effectively defoliates and desiccates).
  • No residual means you can kill weeds or other vegetation in one day and plant new grass, flowers or shrubbery the next day without harming your new vegetation.
  • Visible effects usually occur within 24 hours and consists of rapid yellowing of green foliage followed by browning and finally, complete root degradation
  • Easy to use--simply mix a packet of Roundup QuikPRO Weed Killer herbicide and fill a sprayer with the solution.
  • QuikPRO works on all annual weeds including ragweed, horseweed, foxtail, chickweed, cocklebur, mustard, crabgrass, prickly lettuce and false dandelion. It also kills hardier weed species such as poison ivy and oak, black locust, red maple, sweetgum, peppertree and dogwood. 
  • The majority of tough, perennial weeds experience browning within two days of applying QuikPRO.


  • Quick and easy to measure, mix and use
  • Offers systemic, post-emergence qualities provided by a non-selective chemical called glyphosate.
  • Accelerates burndown of your ugly grass and broadleaf weeds, roots and all, by targeting underground plant components responsible for providing the plant with nutrients.
  • Each convenient, water-soluble packet of QuikPRO makes one gallon of herbicide
  • Roundup QuikPRO Weed Killer can be applied using a standard herbicide sprayer
  • QuikPRO remains rain-fast within an hour of application so that sudden rain showers won't wash off the herbicide.
  • Can be applied to weeds inaccessible to mechanical trimmers--great to use under park bleachers and around fire hydrants and playgrounds.
  • Within 24 hours of application, weeds start turning yellow, then brown and wither away. No waiting for days to see if the herbicide is going to work with Roundup QuikPRO Weed Killer herbicide.


*Glyphosate, N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine, 
in the form of its ammonium salt .................... 73.3%
Diquat dibromide [6,7-dihydrodipyrido 
(1,2-a:2',1'-c) pyrazinediium dibromide] ............ 2.9% 
OTHER INGREDIENTS : .................................. 23.8%

*Equivalent to 66.6% of the acid, glyphosate.

1 (one) Jug Containing 6.8 Lbs of QuikPro 

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