Insecticide Concentrates

  • Over-The-Top II Grass Killer (8 oz)

    Fertilome Over-The-Top II Grass Killer (8 oz)

    Formulation: Poast Absorbed by Foilage and Travels Through Entire Plant Will Slow or Stop Growth Within 2 Days.  Controls Annual and Perennial Grass Weeds. Systemic selective broad spectrum post-emergent herbicide that can be sprayed over...
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  • Horticultural Oil (16 oz) Natural Guard Horticultural Oil

    Natural Guard Horticultural Oil

      FOR ORGANIC GARDENING. Use as a dormant and growing season insect spray. Kills all stages of insects, including eggs. Use to control insects, mites, scale, for roses, flowers, fruits, vegetables, houseplants and trees. Use on Roses, Flowers,...
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  • Spinosad 32oz Spinosad 32oz

    Natural Guard Spinosad

    Spinosad Bagworm, Tent Caterpillar & Chewing Insect Control Concentrate OMRI Listed® product Use on Citrus, Fruits, Vegetables & Lawns, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs & Flowers.  Kills Leafminers, Borers, Leaf Rollers, Thrips, Worms...
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  • Fish Emulsion Fertilizer 5-1-1 (16 oz) Fish Emulsion Fertilizer 5-1-1 (32 oz)

    Fertilome Fish Emulsion Fertilizer 5-1-1

    Derived from concentrated fish solubles that supply the natural release of essential nutrients for the development of green foliage, vigorous root systems and solid plant structure.For use on potted and house plants, fruits, vegetables, ornamentals...
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  • Ferti-Lome Weed Free Zone 32oz Ferti-Lome Weed Free Zone 16oz

    Fertilome Weed Free Zone

    Controls over 80 of the toughest-to-control broadleaf weeds including Clover, Ground Ivy, Spurge, Chickweed, Dandelion, Henbit, Oxalis, Poison Ivy, Purslane, Shepherds Purse, Thistle, Virginia Buttonweed, Wild Onion and many others listed on the label...
    $19.95 - $49.95
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  • Fert--lome Triple Action (16 oz) Fert--lome Triple Action (16 oz)

    Fertilome Triple Action

     New Formulation Use on Fruits, Herbs, Nuts, Spices, Vegetables & Roses, Flowers & Shrubs.  Provides quick and more complete control. Acts as an "exciter" to flush insect pests out of hiding and into direct contact with spray...
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  • Killzall 365 (32 ounce)

    Hi Yield KillZall 365 (32 oz)

    Use on non-crop areas such as fencerows, driveways and around buildings for total vegetation control for up to one year. Formulation: Glyphosate 43% and Imazapyr 0.78% Weed Type: Broadleaf Broadleaf Grassy Grassy See Label for specific...
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  • Maxforce Fly Spot - Fly Bait & Control Spray

    Maxforce Fly Spot - Fly Bait & Control Spray

      Through a combination of imidacloprid and strong sugar base pheromone attractants, Maxforce Fly Spot quickly attracts flies and kills them within 60 seconds. In addition to the fast results, it has a low odor so it won't bother...
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  • Rat Sorb

    Rat Sorb Odor Eliminator 1oz

    Rat Sorb is a custom and proprietary blend of fragrant oils that is specifically designed to blend with and mask the odors caused by decaying animals. Directions for use: Moisten cotton balls liberally with Rat Sorb and place near the...
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  • Transport GHP

    Transport GHP Insecticide

    By combining the transfer effect of acetamiprid with the long-lasting residual effect of bifenthrin, Transport GHP Insecticide quickly eliminates pest infestations within 24 hours that other products may take days to get rid of; it also...
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  • Spreader Sticker 16oz Spreader Sticker 8oz

    Hi Yield Spreader Sticker

    A water soluble spray additive that makes water wetter and increases absorption, translocation and sticking of pesticides. Low foaming and contains no oil.Application Rates: 2 to 4 tablespoons per gallon of water when mixed with insecticides,...
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  • 2,4-D Selective Weed Killer (32 oz) (21415)

    2,4-D Selective Weed Killer (32 oz)

    This product will kill or control many Broadleaf Weeds in addition to many other noxious plants susceptible to 2, 4-D.  For best results use a spreader sticker with this product.For Control Of In Lawns, Ponds, Drainage Ditchbanks, Pastures and...
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  • PHANTOM Insecticide 21oz

    PHANTOM Insecticide 21oz

    Phantom® is the only non repellent labeled for termite control and indoor general pest control (including commercial food handling areas. Which means Phantom is not only a great choice for termite control, but a uniquely effective option for...
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