• Southern Ag Herbi Oil Southern Ag Herbi Oil

    Southern Ag Herbi Oil

    Herbi Oil is used in addition to weed killers   Product Information and Specifications At A Glance    Active Ingredient  Alkyl aryl polyoxyethylene glycol and other ethoxylated derivatives (surfactant) 80%  Pest...
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  • Grass & Weed Killer Non-Selective (32 oz)

    Grass & Weed Killer Non-Selective (32 oz)

    OMRI Listed® product This is a fast acting herbicidal soap killing unwanted vegetation FAST.  Use on mulch and around planters, raised beds, driveways, patios, foundations and fences.  Use to prepare planting beds prior to planting grass...
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  • Dollar Weed Control

    Fertilome Dollar Weed Control

    Provides post-emergence control of annual, biennial and perennial broad leaf weeds in established home lawns. Contains Penoxsulam 0.04%Controls: Chickweed, Clover (Hop, Red & White), Dandelion, Dollar Weed, English Lawn Daisy, False Dandelion,...
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  • Over-The-Top II Grass Killer (8 oz)

    Fertilome Over-The-Top II Grass Killer (8 oz)

    Formulation: Poast Absorbed by Foilage and Travels Through Entire Plant Will Slow or Stop Growth Within 2 Days.  Controls Annual and Perennial Grass Weeds. Systemic selective broad spectrum post-emergent herbicide that can be sprayed over...
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  • Ferti-Lome Weed Free Zone 32oz Ferti-Lome Weed Free Zone 16oz

    Fertilome Weed Free Zone

    Controls over 80 of the toughest-to-control broadleaf weeds including Clover, Ground Ivy, Spurge, Chickweed, Dandelion, Henbit, Oxalis, Poison Ivy, Purslane, Shepherds Purse, Thistle, Virginia Buttonweed, Wild Onion and many others listed on the label...
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  • Killzall 365 (32 ounce)

    Hi Yield KillZall 365 (32 oz)

    Use on non-crop areas such as fencerows, driveways and around buildings for total vegetation control for up to one year. Formulation: Glyphosate 43% and Imazapyr 0.78% Weed Type: Broadleaf Broadleaf Grassy Grassy See Label for specific...
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  • 2,4-D Selective Weed Killer (32 oz) (21415)

    2,4-D Selective Weed Killer (32 oz)

    This product will kill or control many Broadleaf Weeds in addition to many other noxious plants susceptible to 2, 4-D.  For best results use a spreader sticker with this product.For Control Of In Lawns, Ponds, Drainage Ditchbanks, Pastures and...
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  • Hi-Yield Stump Remover

    Hi Yield Stump Remover 1.5 Lbs

    An easy way to remove tree stumps. Works by decomposing the wood of tree stumps, leaving them porous right down to the root tips.  This allows easy removal or burning of the stump. Harmless to vegetation surrounding treated stumps...
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  • Roundup QuikPRO Weed Killer  Herbicide

    Roundup QuikPRO Weed Killer Herbicide

    Powered by Roundup® Technology is the latest, and most anticipated, turf and ornamental herbicide development from Monsanto. it REALLY works GREAT!!!! The regular Roundup sold at most retail outlets has only 40% active ingredient or less vs...
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  • SedgeHammer + Plus Turf Herbicide (0.5 ounces)

    SedgeHammer + Plus Turf Herbicide (0.5 ounces)

    SedgeHammer+® offers a unique product concept in a more convenient packaging size while maintaining the same efficacy of nutsedge control that the market has grown accustom to with the SedgeHammer® brand name. SedgeHammer+® contains a dry,...
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  • Brush Killer Stump Killer  16oz Brush Killer Stump Killer  16oz

    Fertilome Brush Killer Stump Killer

    Formulation 8.8% Triclopyr, same ingredient as Garlon 4 and Remedy but 8% stronger. Controls unwanted woody plants, vines, poison ivy and broadleaf weeds around homes, cabins, buildings, trails, fences, walkways and other non-crop areas. Consult label...
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