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  • Spinosad 32oz Spinosad 32oz

    Natural Guard Spinosad

    Spinosad Bagworm, Tent Caterpillar & Chewing Insect Control Concentrate OMRI Listed® product Use on Citrus, Fruits, Vegetables & Lawns, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs & Flowers.  Kills Leafminers, Borers, Leaf Rollers, Thrips, Worms...
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  • Lice B Gone 16oz

    Lice B Gone

    "The safe and effective solution to head lice and nit problems." Easy to Use Non-toxic Economical Biodegradable No harmful pesticides Lice B Gone is a safe, non-toxic, 100% pesticide-free multi-enzyme shampoo made from natural vegetable...
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  • Summit Mosquito Dunks Summit Mosquito Dunks

    Mosquito Dunks Safe Bio Larvicide

    Dunks Work! Dunks Are Simple! Dunks Are Safe!Used by professionals for more that a decade, Mosquito Dunks ® have proven their value in destroying Mosquitoes - by killing the larvae before they mature into biting adult pests. Mosquito Dunks, are the...
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  • BorActin 1 pound

    BorActin Powdered Boric Acid Insecticide

    Contains: 99.0% Orthoboric Acid Long -term treatment, remains effective as long as it remains dry and accessible to insects Proven control of crawling insects in commercial and residential locations KILLS: Cockroaches, Palmetto bugs, Water...
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