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Sweeney’s Poison Mole Worm

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Product Description

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If you have land, sometimes you are going to be troubled with pests. One pest, in particular, that is difficult to deal with is a mole. Fortunately, thanks to the Sweeney's poison mole worm solution, you can get rid of moles in a safe, effective manner. This ensures moles don't damage your property or crops, which could end up costing you a lot of money.

These mole worms look exactly like real earthworms, which moles love to eat on a daily basis. Once the worms are placed in the mole's hole or tunnel, they will be attracted to it. The worm will poison the mole population, killing them off in a safe manner. You will not have to worry about coming in contact with moles again thanks to this mole worm poison product.

In order for these worms to be effective, in terms of killing off a mole population, it's important to locate active tunnels. This is possible when you find tunnels that have been resealed. Resealed tunnels indicate that a mole has been nearby.

Place flags near these tunnels, so you know where to insert a hole. Once you have created a hole, place the worms inside and seal it up. You should do this every 10 feet, as this ensures the entire tunnel is filled with these poison moles. Thanks to these worms, moles will not affect your life ever again. You will not have to worry about touching moles by hand, which can be dangerous.

Each package of Sweeny's poison mole worm solution comes with:

  •  5 Active Locator Flags
  • 10 Worms
  • 1 Protective Glove


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