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  • Maxforce FC Ant Bait Stations

MAXFORCE FC ANT Bait Station w/Fipronil qty 24

1.00 LBS

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Pharaoh Ants
Argentine Ants
Carpenter Ants
Pavement Ants
Cornfield Ants
Odorus House Ants
Acrobat Ants
Crazy Ants
Theif Ants

MAXFORCE ® FC Ant Bait Stations contain a patented bait formulation which kills Pharaoh ants and other common household ants. When properly used, MAXFORCE ® FC will attract foraging worker ants. The ants will feed on the bait, which contains the active ingredient Fipronil. Then, the worker ants will take some of this bait back to the nest, where they will pass it on to destroy the queen and the entire colony. MAXFORCE ® FC will kill both adult and larval ant forms.

Do not use residual sprays with or near the MAXFORCE ® FC bait stations, as the worker ants must remain alive to carry the bait back to the queen and immature workers. Residual sprays may cause worker ants to spread out and form secondary colonies. MAXFORCE ® FC works because it is non-repellent and thus will not cause secondary colony formation.

MAXFORCE ® FC ant bait stations have no insecticide odor, are child-resistant and easy to use. The patented bait station design allows you to inspect each bait placement and monitor the amount of ant feeding. They may be used for the control of ants wherever they are a problem (e.g., hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers, schools, residential establishments, warehousing and commercial establishments, food service, food manufacturing and food processing facilities, laboratories, computer and electronic equipment facilities, pet shops, zoos, buses, boats, aircraft, and trains).

MAXFORCE FC Ant Bait contains Fipronil, the active ingredient which kills ants by ingestion and contact. In the process of ingestion or contact, Fipronil acts by blocking the GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) receptor chloride channel. Once chloride ions cannot pass through the channel, depolarization ensues resulting in continued release of excitatory transmitters and hyperexcitation of the neuron. worker ants that have been contaminated feed the bait to the larvae in the colony. the larvae digest the solid bait and produce a liquid that contains fipronil that they feed to the rest of the colony and queen(s). This Maxforce Domino Effect TM eliminates the entire colony.

  • Indoor Use: For normal infestations, you should use 3 MAXFORCE ® FC ant bait stations in an average size room. For heavier infestations, you will need additional bait stations in each room. If infestation persists beyond two weeks, replace all bait stations where the bait has been completely consumed and relocate bait stations that show no evidence of ant feeding.
  • Outdoor Use: Bait stations should be placed adjacent to the structure near ant activity or anywhere ants may gain access to the structure. Application sites include air conditioning units, electrical conduits, vents, pipe chases, concrete slabs, skylights on roofs; around ant mounds, garbage cans, and trees; along walls, window sills, sidewalks and driveways; on ground around structure.
  • The bait stations can be stuck to a vertical surface by peeling off the protective strip to expose adhesive.

EPA # 432-1256

1 Sealed Package Containing 24 (Twenty Four) - Child Resistant Bait Stations 0.05 oz. per unit

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